Monday, March 13, 2006

Blah blah music blah sleep blah

I've been back for a day and a half, but I've been too tired to write. In any case... I'm home now. And I miss Nick already. :( But I'll see him again on Saturday, and in between, I've got plenty to keep me busy.

The real reason I decided to post now is because I think the three songs I downloaded (legally, from iTunes, of course) tonight must say something about my (crazy, varied) taste in music:

"Luck Be A Lady" by Frank Sinatra
"Tiny Dancer" by Elton John
"Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton

I should post a complete playlist at some point. Mostly the songs I download lately are either ones that go on repeat in my brain or things I hear on the radioio Acoustic internet radio station. Lots of yummy folk-style music on there. And then there's the classic rock station that plays in my head... even when I'm sleeping (I once downloaded Elton John's "Levon" because my sister was singing it to me in a dream). And of course, there's other downloads for songs my friends have told me about, or that I've heard while listening to their music, or things that I remember from my long high-school years of listening to what I think they classified as "adult alternative" (as in, not punk, but not completely mainstream pop either). And then there's the weird stuff I come across randomly; I read a title on someone's website and check out a snippet of the song on iTunes, or I read the lyrics somewhere and search down a copy of it, or... I dunno. I get obsessed about particular music and songs sometimes. Not usually a particular artist--I'm a bit selective about the music I listen to, and it's very rare for me to like even half the songs on any given album. There are a couple of exceptions; I love pretty much everything Cake has ever done, and I will willingly listen to Flogging Molly CD's on repeat for a good long time. And even though I don't know a lot of Johnny Cash songs, I would have no qualms about listening to just about anything he sang. There was even a time when I listened to everything the Beatles ever recorded, but not so much anymore.

Wow... that's long and sorta rambling. Looks like it's time for me to go to bed.

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Sharon said...

Hi Angel, I'm so glad you are back! I saw the horrible weather they were having down south and worried that you were stuck in some snowbank... Guess I worry too much!
I know what you mean about music. I'll hear a song that will stay in my mind and want to hear it again. I used to have ALL of Elvis's albums...and ALL of the Beatles. But that phase passed... Now I listen to classical music on Minnesota Public Radio. Must have something to do with my ADVANCED age!!!
Have a good break! See you next Tuesday.