Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now I remember...

...why I don't like spring.

It's not because of finals.

It's not because of the birds outside waking me up. (Birds, could we talk about this? The constant twittering at 6 a.m.? STOP THAT.)

It sure as hell isn't the lack of snow or oppressive heat.

I don't like spring because I AM ALLERGIC TO EVERYTHING.



Sharon said...

My son is also allergic to EVERYTHING! Spring is the absolute worst for him. He just began weekly shots again, so hopefully, it will get better.
About the birds...I have no answer...sorry.

L.P. said...

I love spring.

Not because of finals.

Not because of the morning birds.

Not because of the green and yellow things that winter doesn't have.

Not because I'm allergic to everything and humidity makes me a bit ill.

I love spring because... Um... Its not winter?