Monday, October 16, 2006

A little venting keeps the volcano from going BOOM!

So I have this one professor. I'm not naming names. Half the time I think he's the coolest prof. ever--his classes are amazing, he knows his subject, and it just happens to be the sort of thing I'm really interested in. Altogether, really good.

The other half of the time... well, I can think of a list of names I'd like to call him, but I won't because he may very well be reading this. (Hi!) It will have to suffice to say that he may need a reminder that I have a life outside of class, which includes not only OTHER CLASSES (with upcoming midterms, eep!) but also outside obligations. And, despite all evidence to the contrary, I've got a little bit of a social life which is just as important to me as things like school and work because it keeps me sane.

Also... dude, homework's not due 'til Thursday. It will be done. Chill. :-p


Sharon said...

Chill, girl, chill! I think I know who you are talking about. I was wondering about the due dates, also....

Angel said...

Hehe, yeah. I'm chilling. If I wasn't at work now, I'd probably be doing school stuff, tho. I just refuse to allow work stuff and school stuff to intermingle more than absolutely necessary (seeing as how I work for the school).

As for the due dates... It'd sure be nice if he put all this stuff on the website. As far as I know, everything's really due on Thursday, but I may be wrong (that happens to me sometimes).