Friday, October 27, 2006

Not the babysitter

I'm not really good at being nice if I haven't been awake for at least half an hour.

I didn't really mean to be angry or grumpy at my sister on the phone this afternoon. Not really. I was tired, and feeling imposed upon. Apparently my mom told her that she could come visit me for the weekend. She'll be here about the time I get off from work at 5. I didn't find out about this until 1:00 today. I mean, it's not that big of a deal, but I'm not a big fan of surprises--I like to have a little bit more warning so that I can plan things out. Also, I was planning on going home on Saturday, but now it looks like that'll have to change to Sunday, which throws my weekend out of whack and means that I don't get to go to the yarn store like I wanted, or get my laundry done before Sunday.


Ok. I know I should be more excited to see my sister. I love her. But I'm frustrated and busy, and to be honest, she doesn't mix well with my friends. For good reason, really, but that makes things harder because I also have plans with them this weekend. So. I get to reorganize my schedule to make room for yet one more obligation. I hate that I feel this way about family. I just don't know how to change it.


Froyd said...

move farther away. it does wonders.

Sharon said...

You shouldn't apologize for how you feel! Family can be great, but not all the time...

L.P. said...

I like your sister. In very small doses. And from me that's a high honour.

Annoying people I tend to beat with the clue-bat until they get the message or pass out. Either way I kick ass at whackamole now.

Alicia said...

Is your sis still in Chicago? Wow, that's quite a trip for the just the weekend. Must be nice to come home whenever you want.


Sorry. I'm just being a snot.

Angel said...

Nope, sister isn't in Chicago anymore, due to unfortunate and unforseen circumstances. She's living with my parents in Grand Rapids right now, actually. She just misses Chicago like crazy.