Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stupid Human Tricks

Rosie the cat has learned a new trick. The trick is called "Wake Angel up and make her let me in." This trick is accomplished by crawling into my slightly open window, wedging herself up against the screen, and KNOCKING on the WINDOW until I make noise (something along the lines of a groggy "Who's there?"--I swear it sounded like someone was knocking at my bedroom door). Then the mewing begins. It is a pitiful mewing, akin to that of a kitten in search of it's mother.

And if that doesn't work, or I'm there but not in the mood to open the screen yet, there's always PUSHING ON IT until it starts to pop out of the window. That'll convince me. Yup.

Yes, this is a smart and insistent cat. I like her. But I'm not supposed to have critters in the apartment. Sigh.

She's lucky she's cute. :-p


L.P. said...

The Big Giant Kitty Leader says: "Pitiful hyoo-mans. So easily controlled. Soon the planet shall be ripe for the taking! Soon we will... Ooo, is that something dangly? MUST ATTACK!"

Sharon said...

Cats are great teachers. They train people to do their bidding. There is no are in her power....