Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm not cold-hearted, honestly!

I am REALLY tired of waking up to below-zero weather. Seriously. This has got to stop.

Happy Non-Denominational-Holiday-Named-After-A-Saint-Anyway. Since I am lacking an appropriate person to celebrate with, I shall spend the evening engaging in homework and movie time with friends who are in the same situation.

Time for work.


L.P. said...

I looked it up. Apparently nobody has any idea who St. Valentine actually was. They kinda think he might have been three people with no extant records of their lives.

If three nobodies can get a holiday that lasts centuries, well, maybe there's hope.

Sharon said...

I spent the evening doing homework also...but, he did buy me chocolates!

Angel said...

Mmm, chocolates...

I ended up getting a gift for myself, which I will post sometime soon.

L.P. said...

Useful scientific fact about bunnies:

They can't remember St. Valentine's Day.


But they can DANCE!