Friday, April 27, 2007

Look around you

Well... I seem to be completely better now. I really, really hope it lasts.

I've been busy exploring lately. I think one of the things that prevents me from fully growing up is that I constantly find something to be fascinated with. Right now, it's magic. Tomorrow... I dunno, maybe flowers. Or insects. Or chemistry. But I keep finding subjects that I want to know more about, so I research them out of a spirit of fun rather than because I have to. I still have that childhood fantasy of being able to know everything. Or at least, everything I want to know.

The world is still a fascinating place. My guess is that most people would be happier if they remembered that.


Natasha said...

I still have that fantasy, too -- in fact, I pretty much live by it. I hope I always will. :)

Sharon said...

That is a WONDERFUL philosophy! I love learning... that's why I am still a 'perennial' student!!!