Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I found this thing called fragment. They give you three sentence fragments (denoted with the bold type), you write a story with them. So I figure I'll give it a try. Here goes nothin':

She held the coins loosely in her hand for a moment, then let them fall. They clattered into the Salvation Army bucket as the man ringing the bell thanked her with a hearty "Merry Christmas!" She walked into the grocery store feeling like she'd done her good deed for the day. With a little spring in her step, she grabbed a cart and headed towards the lettuce.

Less than a minute later, she saw him: her ex-boyfriend. He had just walked into the store as well. At first, she tried to duck behind a display of lemons. But after watching him for a moment, she realized that he didn't seem to even notice her. He was in a hurry, anyway. Curious and even a little bit hurt, she discreetly followed him with her cart.

He walked right by the fruit and vegetables without a second glance and headed straight towards the meats. Typical, she thought. She was a vegetarian and had tried to convince him, too, but he told her he was a "red-blooded, meat-eatin' man" and didn't need no stinkin' vegetables. That had been part of the reason for their eventual break-up. She watched him grab a package of hot dogs (on sale, the red-and-yellow sign said, for just a dollar) and head towards the the snack aisle.

As he walked past the rows of chips and nuts, she finally got a good look at him for the first time in nearly a year. She was pleasantly surprised to find that he was still as cute as she remembered, long and lean with a rugged, square-jawed, tanned face. His face was covered in dark stubble as if he hadn't shaved yet that day. That wasn't like him, she knew, since the last time she'd heard from him, he had been working at a bank with a very professional dress code. Suitcoats, ties, and no stubble. Maybe he's been fired, she thought. She watched him brush a curl of shiny black hair away from his face as he contemplated brands of tortilla chips and her heart skipped a beat. She remembered how she loved to play with his hair, running her hands through the short, silky dark curls. He finally picked a bag of Tostitos and headed towards the checkout.

He went through the express lane, but not before grabbing a couple of 3 Musketeers bars. His favorite, she mused as she watched from the soup aisle. All told, he spent about five dollars on junk food and walked out to the snowy parking lot with just one bag, not even having noticed her. She sighed as she wandered through the store, picking up her vegetables and fruit and pasta. Breaking up with him was probably the best for both of them, but still... He's pretty cute, she thought as she unloaded her cart at the checkout lane and paid for her groceries, and judging from his choice of foodstuffs, probably still single. As she carried her bags of groceries out to her car, she smiled. "I'll call him tomorrow."

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