Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Shorter than last night's...

After last night's LONG entry, I've decided that I'm gonna try and keep these a bit shorter. Okay, a lot shorter. Sorry for anyone who got bored, I just had a lot to say.

Did a little bit of work on this thing today. Fixed my hit counter so that it stops counting MY hits and just counts other peoples'. I was pleasantly surprised to find that other people did indeed visit my happy little home here, thanks to SweetandSourGoth's review. A very complimentary review, might I add. I, personally, love her blog. She's so honest.

Other stuff... went to class today, of course. Got a 1 and 1/2 hour lesson in Dungeons and Dragons Theory between my 19th Century Philosophy class and my Rumi Poetry class. My "teacher" used the example characters of Beowulf the human fighter (played by the hypothetical Tim), and Jenny the halfling thief. "Beowulf and Jenny" makes me think of some sort of children's cartoon comedy team. The names were my own doing, tho. British Lit is well-embeded into my brain. My professor hated Beowulf but had to teach it anyway. The fact that he loved Shakespeare sort of made up for it.

Time for another shameless plug for a friend's site. Go here and check out the fantasy art goodness! Lots of elves and anime-style stuff, hand-drawn with color and finishing done on Photoshop. "Ashi" has talent, I tell ya.

Okay, time for sleep. Only one class tomorrow. Poetry is harder than it sounds. Adieu.

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