Wednesday, January 21, 2004

From the coldest corner of the earth

I had an interesting revelation as I was sitting in my Ethics class this morning: if I was living in Plato's Republic, with all the philosophy courses I'm taking, I would be in training to become part of the ruling class.

In other news... I got a newsletter today from the res life committee. They say they're going to start doing something called Priority Points, where they give special consideration for single rooms to people with high grades, seniority, and "floor community participation." It's this last part that really pisses me off. I've got a double-as-single room right now, and I like it that way for this reason: I have nothing in common with most of the people on my floor. I'm not interested in rap or pop music, or arts and crafts, or group dinners, or floor t-shirts, or volleyball. None of these people are really my friends. That's not to say that I don't like them, but we don't share any interests. I'm the only English major on the floor, and only two of the people I really talk to are even living in my building. I guess what really bugs me is that it seems like the residental life people are trying to legislate my social life. The reason I want a single room in the first place is so I can be alone. I highly value my privacy, and I live by my own, frequently random, internal clock. I don't like roommates who come in at 2 AM on a weekday, or who want to be up by 8. I can be tolerant about a lot of things, but I need my own private refuge, and it looks like that will be hard for me to get unless I start pretending that I'm part of a "community." I highly doubt that people living in apartments have to put up with this sort of shit from their landlords. Since it's college, I can sort of understand that there has to be some way to decide who gets special rooms that are in such hot demand. I can understand judging by seniority, or even grades. But leave my social life alone. Find some way to punish the people who scream in the halls just for fun and play their music so loud that my walls vibrate. Or run down the halls and knock on everyone's doors (I hate guys who do that!). Okay... rant over... for now.

I didn't get enough sleep last night. 9 AM classes suck. Being a night owl, I'd like to stay up till about 3 AM and sleep till noon. But that's just not gonna happen, I guess. At least my classes don't start until 10 tomorrow. I get an extra hour of sleep... yippee! That's if I don't stay up doing homework instead. Which I just might. I'm having a hard time being really creative for my poetry class. Some days, I can just be so on and so talented, and other days I have nothing to say. Bloody hell.

My mom called tonight. I ranted and raved and talked to her, and it helped. Moms are great that way. I've been feeling just a little bit homesick lately. I miss my kittens, and sitting up at night watching TV with my dad, and talking to my mom after she comes home from work, and asking my sister about all the stuff that's going on in the high school now that I'm gone. But then again, I really like my independence. I like being able to set my own schedule and do what I want and not have to worry about other people. I could never be a parent, I don't think. There are some things that I'm just really selfish about.

Okay, I'm starvin'. Time for dinner. Might write later, you can never tell. Peace, y'all.

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