Saturday, January 24, 2004

I'm so thrilled!

I finally got this new template up and running! I'd be a real jerk if I didn't mention the site I got it from. The place is called, and they've got a bunch of really wonderful free templates available for blogging. I'm going to put a link to their site on the sidebar.

Well, other than what I've done with this blog so far, I've been real lazy today. Slept till nearly noon, fiddled with the computer, took a shower and had lunch, fiddled with the computer some more... I'm such a lazy ass... And I should get out and do my grocery shopping today, too. We're supposed to get quite a bit of snow this weekend and I don't want to be going out in a blizzard. It's still really cold out, tho. It hasn't been warm since I got back from winter break. I mean, it's not like I want it to be fifty degrees or anything... but something above single digits would be nice. It looks like the whole state is under snow advisories. I'm glad I didn't decide to go home this weekend.

I guess I don't have anything else that's really important to say. Homework to do, shopping to do, cleaning to do... it's already almost 2 in the afternoon so I better get going.

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