Thursday, February 26, 2004

Heaving a great emotional sigh

Well, I finished my book. Another piece of literature I could describe as intense. Lacking whiskey, I have decided to soothe my frayed emotions with some fancy green tea with lemongrass and spearmint. Lovely stuff. Great book. I don't know what I'm going to read next, tho. Maybe Dune. If I can finish it in two weeks, because when I come back after break I'm bringing a couple of Vonnegut novels that I haven't read since way back when. Like... four years ago? That's the trouble with being so young. I don't have much of a "good old times" era yet.

You'd think that living with girls wouldn't be much of a problem in the scent department. After all... don't girls always smell good? I mean, they wear all sorts of deoderants and perfumes and such, their shampoos and soaps smell good too. But there is a dark side. Nail polish and remover, ammonia hair dye, and the various skin-searingly toxic zit medications, to be precise. These are what my hallway smells of tonight. All the trouble some people go through to be beautiful, and here I am, not even wearing makeup half the time. Am I deficient as a girl? I think going to New Mexico Tech last year--where the population was around 80% male--skewed my perception of girlhood. All my friends were guys, so I acted more or less like a guy. I still think I do, but to a lesser extent. A lot of the people I know and talk to up here are guys, too. And if you're wondering, this was a subject that was well-covered in the book I was reading, so that's why I seem to be so focused on it this week. Sorry, if I've gotta live in my head, so do you. :-p

Damn good tea. Damn good book. I've got to get a fax sheet done so I can send it tomorrow. After that, I'm gonna go and sleep the sleep of the righteous. And start a new book tomorrow. I think it'll be Dune, for the third time, if I can actually force myself to finish it this time. The last time I got through about the second chapter and gave up. So wish me luck. Nite!

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