Friday, February 27, 2004

Friday is good.

I'm finally getting one of the loads of laundry done that I was gonna do last weekend. I guess whoever decided to do their laundry today didn't have enough to fill all the machines. Thank God.

I think this'll be a good weekend. I've got tentative plans for Saturday, and I've got a book to read and plenty of interesting work to do to keep me busy for a while. So hopefully I'll keep the angsty soul-searching to a minimum. I think the hormones are finally wearing down a bit. I'm feeling normal. Balanced. Balanced is good. I read somewhere that having really good, wonderful, happy things happen to you is just as stressful on your body and mind as a terrible crisis is. So in reality, stoicism is pretty much the way to go.

I can see into the windows of the house across the street. They're too far away for me to see if there's anything happening inside, tho. Every once in a while I have the urge to get out my binoculars and spy on people. Nothing malicious behind it, I just think whatever they're doing might make a good story.

That's all for now. I'm gonna go toss my laundry in the dryer. Bye.

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