Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hey. Can't think of a title.

Here's a pretty interesting article on religion and it's effect on American politics. This is the sort of thing I think about a lot. I may say that I really really hate politics, but nevertheless, it plays a very important part in my life as a thinking person. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that religion affects our government so much. I mean, America was pretty much built by people who favored Christianity, and specifically, their own form of Christianity. If you think that the Pilgrims were truly for religious freedom, take a closer look. They wanted freedom to practice THEIR OWN RELIGION, not for people to practice any other religion. Read about the Mormons. The Puritains kicked them out of the east coast because they didn't worship God in the same way. If that's what our country was founded on, is it any surprise that it continues today?

I'm not condoning this, by the way. Just stating facts. It's Ash Wednesday today, and as I am a Catholic, I should be going to church. But I'm not.

So... Another good day. I was a little miserable this morning, but after my second class, I got to sit down and talk to a couple guys and I felt better. We're not doing D&D this week cuz one of the crucial players is gonna be out of town, which makes me sorta sad. But, on the upside, I was invited to join a second game, which will probably begin this weekend. It's not D&D, but being more or less uneducated about such things, I don't really know which system it is. But I know the people playing, and at least one of them is as clueless as I am, so it won't be so uncomfortable to know so little.

Got some work to do tonight. Write another poem, and prepare for my little grammar presentation thingie for Intermediate Writing. I got the notes and the questions printed out already, so all I have to do is check things over, make sure I have the answers for the questions, and go stand in front of the class for five minutes and talk. Easy, right?

More CCR today. God I love them. The song "Lodi" just has me by the throat. I have a feeling that I've been there before... Might have even passed through there a couple years ago en route from New Mexico to Los Angeles. Or if not, I feel like I have. I know places like Lodi.

I had the thought during Rumi class that I am a very reluctant leader. I don't like being in charge, but if I have to be, I can do it and do it well.

Time for me to go back from whence I came: Mired in the pit of homework. Mired... I love that word. Anyway... Peace out.

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