Friday, February 20, 2004

It's been the worst day since yesterday

I never really thought about that lyric before... it's been the worst day since yesterday. At first it sounds like a bad thing, but if you think about it, it's saying that today is a better day than the one before. Hum.

And for me, it's true. I've had a rough couple of days, but today has been better than yesterday. I'm feeling a little better, and I got a nice, LOOOOOONG nap in. Like, 3 hours. I was tired cuz of the stupid people who live next to me and their stupid boyfriends and friends who run and pound on all the doors and yell at three in the morning, or play their music with the bass up at 1 AM when I'm trying to fall asleep. Grrr... Gotta go find my whacking stick.....

Called my mom yesterday when i was feeling so shitty. She was no help at all. Dad wasn't around. Katie didn't want to talk. Erin's gone for the weekend. I'm sorta lonely right now. I hate weekends, except for the fact that I get to sleep. The waking moments more or less suck. I need to find some reason to get out of my room this weekend and go do something around people. Hopefully, people who don't annoy the fuck out of me. I'm not antisocial... I just don't like some people: the annoying ones, the whiny ones, and the ones that giggle. Giggling is just wrong. Not that I don't do it sometimes myself, but I try not to make a practice out of it.

I need to do some writing tonight and this weekend. Private journaling, maybe? Or just take some of the things I've been thinking and turn them into a story. Stuff I'd rather not write on here, anyway.

I'm thinking that I should move to Linden Hall next year. Get a regular single room to save money, shorter walk to classes, closer to the guys... no more walking back at 3 AM in the dark all by my lonesome. See, here's the problem: being that I'm a girl, walking that late at night by myself is scary and even dangerous. But at the same time, I feel sorta dumb asking any of the guys to walk me back because they all live in the same building. I mean, they all pretty much treat me like the proverbial "one of the guys". I like that and I don't want to ruin it. So... dilemma. Feh. It's not that bad... right?

On a completely unrelated topic, I've been spending way too much time reading the dumb tech support stories on here. I'm very happy not to be that much of an idiot. I may not be a computer whiz or anything, but I can generally keep from fucking the damn thing up beyond all repair. I can't decide whether I feel bad for the tech support people or not, tho... some of them can be pretty surly and nasty. But others are quite helpful. I guess it depends.

Nuff for now. I should have something for dinner, now that I'm not feeling so sick anymore. Later!

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