Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

I've got an urge to write a poem entitled "Twenty Minutes to Midnight". I don't know what exactly it would be about. But I like that phrase. My laundry will be done at twenty minutes to midnight.

I think Erin is having a bad influence on me. :-) At first all I had was an interest in dark poetry and an affinity for black t-shirts/turtlenecks. Now she's got me listening to gothie music and, horror of horrors (heh), liking it. Fear not, tho. I doubt that there's anything in this world that will separate my from my jeans and my blond, un-dyed hair. But I did go through one of those "goth tests", just for kicks (well, what do you do at 2 AM when every bone in your body has forbidden you to complete your homework?) and one of the questions under the Literature section was "Who was 'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to know'?" Gotta love good ol' Lord Byron. So here's the thing I don't get: I know that Byron wrote some pretty dark shit, but he also wrote Don Juan, the first canto of which, if you've got the right person reading it to you (hey, Dr. Gurney!), is absolutely hilarious and not particularly morbid. So is he still considered gothic? And if so, is Don Juan considered gothic as well by virtue of Byron's authorship? Or am I just being petty and using poor logic to confuse myself more than usual? Anyone?

I've got an undeniable case of the munchies tonight. I know I had dinner (can't remember what at the moment, it was right after I woke up from a very nice nap), but now I'm really really hungry again. So it's sandwich time. Gotta use up this bread before I leave for the weekend so it doesn't go bad, anyway. Slice of provolone cheese, a little turkey, and some mustard. On wheat bread. Do you care what I'm having for dinner? No? Too bad.

Still listening to gothie radio. They've got a nice little techno beat going, layered with British-accented lyrics. I could picture people dancing to this in a dark smoky little club. Very nice indeed.

Well, laundry's almost done and I've got some Rumi work to do tonight, so I'm gonna check out of here and do something useful. Adieu.

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