Monday, February 09, 2004

Rambling. Pay no attention.

Well... tonight was sort of a waste. No writer's group meeting to speak of. There were six of us there and none of us were the leader. So we sat and talked literature and school and religion. And had fun. But... I had something written this time! Argh! Next week, then. Next week will be glorious.

Got two pages of paper due tomorrow. Plus poetry shit. I should get working. I should really, really get working. Will I? No chance in hell. I'll be up till 3 AM and I know it. I'm starving right now... should get myself a sandwich and some juice. Orange juice is one of God's greatest gifts to humankind. Sweet, yet sour. Fruity, but not cloying. Very tasty stuff. And to think that for years I wouldn't drink it. That was because of the pulp. Buy pulp-free, and it's all good. And it's got vitamin C in it! It's good for you! Drink some now!

TV sucks. I'm watching Comedy Central standup. It's the least terrible thing on right now. This makes me sad.

Uh... now they're advertising small SUV's. As if that's going to convince all the environmentally-conscious people that it's okay to drive one. Just ignore the fact that it only gets about 15 MPG. God, people. Drive something economical! It'll even save you money. You like money. It buys you more McDonalds shit food and golf clubs. **Grumble**

Apologies to all the smart, wonderful people who probably read this. That was just me ranting. I love you all, really! As much as I can love a person I don't know, anyway. Yikes, I must be over-tired. Rambling...

Gotta get work done. G'night, all.

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