Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Music, poetry, politics... the whole shebang (as they say)

Fire drills suck. I swear we've had an alarm go off at least once every week since I got back from break. It's too chilly out for that sort of thing.

You know what's really cool? Internet radio. I love it. I'm listening to the BBC classical station right now. Beautiful, and perfect mood music for writing poetry. Much bigger selection that what I've got on CD's. I may have issues with Real One Player, but it does have a good internet radio thing. Much better than Windows Media Player.

Gotta write a poem. I don't know what to say. I wish I could write like Shelley or Byron or Coleridge, something in the romantic style. But that professor of ours wants modern, so modern is what we give her. One of these days, tho, I'll write something in iambic pentameter with some sort of poetic form and see if she goes for it. Or maybe a nursery rhyme. I wrote one of those once. It went:

Rain on the rooftop,
Rain in the trees...
Rain in the parlor?
How could this be?
Rain on the rooftop,
Rain in the trees...
Leaks in the rooftop!
Rain on me.

It was weird, cuz one day several years ago I just woke up with that poem in my head. I must have composed it in a dream. I should really get back to trying to train myself to lucid dream. I've done it several times recently, just by accident. Usually though, the lucidity only lasts for a moment or two, enough for me to get my dream self out of whatever danger I was in. When I was really young I used to have dreams about a car that was driving itself while I was in the passenger seat, and it was headed full-speed towards a brick wall, and I would suddenly realize I was dreaming and force myself to wake up. It seems that I usually have lucid moments when I am having nightmares. This is probably because my nightmares are so weird that they couldn't possibly happen in real life and therefore I discover that I'm dreaming.

In other news, Bill O'Reilly finally admits he was wrong about WMD in Iraq! Not a perfect admission, tho. He still hasn't said that he doesn't trust the Bush administration. Ya win some, ya lose some, I guess. Michael Moore has more to say on the subject, and a few others, if you're interested. I've said this before, but I like Mr. Moore. I like his style. Even tho I can't agree with him on everything or live up to the sort of politically/socially conscious person I should be (I still shop at Walmart cuz it's cheap and I'm a poor college student in a town with few shopping choices, and I drive a pick-up truck. Let it be known, however, that I didn't buy this truck. It's 12 years old, I got it from my dad, and 4-wheel-drive is pretty damn helpful if you're gonna live in Nothern Minnesota and plan on travelling in the winter. Plus, I only drive maybe once or twice a week. I walk to class.), he's got good stuff to say. Also on the topic of Michael Moore, his name came up briefly in a small-group discussion in my poetry class when we were pretending to work. A couple people I talked to had just recently seen Bowling for Columbine and we were chatting about what a great movie it is. If you haven't seen it, please do.

D&D tomorrow, or so I've been promised. I had a nice conversation with a couple guys about it today. They were telling the inept one (a.k.a., me) about how to play and what sorts of things they've done in games before. I'm excited and a little bit nervous and happy and all sorts of other things. These two guys are great, lotsa fun, love 'em to death. Wow, I'm even getting a little bouncy... not common for me.

This is getting long, so 'nuff for now. I've gotta get to work.

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