Thursday, February 12, 2004

Um... wow...

Type "the long and winding road" into google. You come up with my site at the TOP OF THE LIST! I don't believe I've ever been so pleased in my life. However.... To avoid pissing off anyone who is looking for the lyrics or information about the actual song, I've decided to put links to the lyrics and the official website (once I find suitable links) on the sidebar. I'm near the top of the list on Yahoo! search, too. I never meant for that to happen, by the way... I'm no fame-monger. But still... pretty neat.

Actually my site shows up near the top on a lot of weird searches (I get my information courtesy of Bravenet's hit counter/site moniter). The weirdest one so far was a Google search for "who buys orange juice in China, Shanghai". I've got a couple questions here. First off, what are the circumstances surrounding this question? Is it a sarcastic question? Are they going to laugh at the people who do? And lastly, who does buy orange juice in China, Shanghai?

Got some stuff to do today. I need to wash some clothes and get packed so I can leave right after class tomorrow (was gonna just skip, but Gurney looked sorta disappointed when I said I was gonna miss his lecture on Shelley's "Adonais", so I decided to bump my schedule around so I could go to class and leave right after), and I've got to finish some character description/history stuff for the game tonight. It's been a wonderful day so far. Poetry prof loved my poem (she wrote "Wonderful!" on the bottom), we had a really interesting discussion in Intermediate Writing where I caught a literary allusion that even the prof missed (love when that happens, I'm growing an ego), talked to a friend who went to Lobby Day and got to yell at our legislators and had one of them call her a "wacko environmentalist" or words to that effect, and a couple people from my poetry class were talking about my other website and the pic and story I have up there from the first time I went to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And now I come home and I'm at the top on Google. This day rocks!

That's all for now, maybe I'll write more tonight if I get time. Love and peace, y'all!

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