Sunday, March 28, 2004


There is a reason why I have not written an entry in two days. It is this: My computer died on Friday afternoon and I have yet to get it fixed. Goddamn stupid fuckin Windows... One of Erin's neighbors has offered to fix it up for me, but he can't till tomorrow. So I am still computer-less. Argh.

So that's been most of what's been on my mind. Damn computers. Beyond that... I spent a lot of time over in Linden this weekend doing various social things. That helped somewhat. Now I'm down in Erin's room, hijacking her computer to write this so that no one thinks I disappeared off the face of the earth.

Thank god for no homework this weekend. I have to have a poem typed for Tuesday, tho... so I'm sorta hoping to have my computer available for that. But I don't have any serious papers due for a week or two. Small miracle, that.

Hey, new Simpsons episode. Looks like fun. Gotta watch that. I'll blog again when I've got the opportunity.

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