Saturday, March 20, 2004

It's afternoon already...

I have been up since 10:45 this morning. Up until now, I have done nothing of value. This does not bode well for this weekend.

Soon, though... soon I will drive to Walmart to get groceries. Then I will call my parents. Then I will read. For a long time. Maybe even finish my book... no... nevermind. That's not at all likely to happen. Dune is a long and complicated book. Good, but long and complicated.

Also must remember to search for my housing application papers. Gotta figure out where to live next year.

This is turning into a "to-do" list. I have another addition: destroy the stupid neighbors. I was about ready to snap last night after SIX HOURS of a combination of pounding bass, slamming doors, and giggling/screeching coming from various rooms around me, lasting till well after two in the morning. I'm seriously considering a quiet floor next year. Make the stupid people stop driving me nuts. Now... where in the heck are those papers?....

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