Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Just another day

Gee... just read Sweetandsourgoth's blog. Sounds like she's having a good time. I personally haven't done much today. Woke up late to the sound of a kitten scratching at my door because apparently I'm not allowed to have it closed. Ever. He loves my bed. Had pizza for lunch. Drove to Russel's to pick up a gift certificate for my mom to give to one of her friends at work who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Uh... watched TV for a little while. Talked to dad a little when he came home for lunch. Prevented the animals from destroying the housePlayed with the animals. Played a bunch of games on the internet. I should maybe go check the mail or something. Tomorrow I'm headed up to St. Cloud to go shopping with my sister, who apparently gets the day off from school. We'll probably get Chinese food and wander around the mall on a day when it's not crowded. Fun-fun. I decided that I don't really feel like going to the pool hall today. I've had enough sitting in smoky rooms, it's time to take a week-long break from that.

I think I'm gonna go set up my laptop and try to get some writing time in today. Then, off to get my hair cut and my ears pierced at 5:00 tonight. Bye.

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