Monday, March 08, 2004

**sigh of DIScontentedness**

This is THE most frustrating game I've ever played! Just try it. Just attempt to get the damn ball to the damn flag without losing it. Once you do... you go on to the next level and do it again! Impossibly forever and ever again! AAAAH! So frustrating...

Alrightie then. I've had a mostly uneventful day, except for the part where I went and saw Hidalgo and had dinner at Perkins with Amber. That was fun... but I think I go to Perkins too much. I'm gonna run out of money one of these days.

I'm sorta having fun being home, but there's always that thought in the back of my mind... "If this were a normal week, I'd be doing this and this and..." you get the picture. For instance... today would have been a writers' group day. I like those days, even though I don't usually have much to contribute. But today, I had none of that. And I miss it! Argh.

Other problem: everyone in this house goes to bed before 10:30 except me. So I don't even have anyone to talk to. It's so... lonely. There's no noise. No people wandering in the halls at midnight (if there were, I'd be calling the cops), no one in the bathroom (okay, so it's not all bad...), just me and my animals. Ya know... as much as I detest some of the things my neighbors do, at least I feel like I'm not all alone there. Here... the house is too big and too quiet. Interesting side note, tho... I discovered that my dorm room is as big as our dining room. Almost exactly the same size and shape. It's quite... disconcerting.

Time to go watch TV until I fall asleep in the recliner and wake up at 2 AM to walk upstairs and go to bed. See ya.

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