Monday, March 08, 2004

Darn cats...

I've been here for less than two days and the cats already have me whipped.

Case in point: I woke up this morning (yes, morning, it was before 9, too) and walked into my parents' bedroom (they'd both already left for work, and sister's at school so I'm home alone) and found the mama cat, Juliet, lying on my parents' bed. As soon as I start petting her she gets up and goes to sit on the ledge right below their window. The shade was down and she started nosing at it and looking at me expectantly. So I went and raised it an inch or two so she could see out when she was laying down. Then she sat up and nosed at it again, and looked at me as if she was waiting for something. So I pulled it up about a foot so she could see out when sitting. She gave me one final look as if to say "Thank you, servant. Now go away," and went back to watching the snow outside. So I went downstairs.

Now I've got another kitten (this one's named Jamie) hanging his paws over the computer screen and trying to catch the line I'm typing. This is not condusive to blogging.

Note to Erin, Lisa, and Toshia (who I know read this): Girls' movie night! Lemme know when and where (Wednesday or Thursday night would be good).

Time for me to find some food and make sure the kittens haven't completely destroyed the house yet. Bye!

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