Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Midnight mutterings

I'm just not getting anything done tonight. I keep wandering over to my electric keyboard and "practicing" (playing whatever song comes to mind, whether I have it memorized or not, no matter whether it's just a melody, or melody and chords, or melody and accompaniment or whatever). I keep trying to pick out old church songs I used to sing in choir, even trying to pick out my alto harmony part as well as the melody sometimes. I can definitely tell that it's Lent, too, cuz all the songs that spring to mind are Lenten songs. The two church seasons I always connected with most are Lent and Advent. Not Christmas and Easter, tho they're both fun and all. What mattered to me most were the waiting seasons. The music comes in a minor key, sad but anticipatory. Hopeful. I dunno. I'm tired. Pay no attention to the girl behind the computer.

Rumi is still talking about Shams i-Tabriz. Poor man gets a lot of flak in my Rumi class. I think I like him just based on the fact that no one else seems to. That's a fine reason for doing things: just to be contrary. If Shams was the one who put a little bit of the truth into Rumi's head, then he deserves all the credit he gets. And if he taught him love as well, all the better. Truth and love are important in the same way that air and water are important.

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