Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sleep, come quickly!

I think Blogger's having some problems today. Oh, well.

This week's Cat and Girl comic makes me laugh, because I think about feminist-y stuff way too much. Of course, I choose to ask a serious question about it: I wonder if some women still have to deal with that sort of sincere prejudice, that girls can't or shouldn't do things simply because they're girls. I don't think I've experienced that sort of thing since I was very young. Maybe I'm just fortunate that the guys I know are all respectful and comfortable with their masculinity. Or maybe they're just bright enough not to say such things out loud, even though they may really believe it? The world may never know.... heh heh.

Okay. I was up till 4 AM last night. Naptime now. Still to come: studying for my ethics test, reading for my English Lit class (I'm still thrilled that I got a B on the test!), commenting on Froyd's Senior Project like I promised. Such a busy schedule, I know. Bye.

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