Saturday, March 13, 2004

Things that kick ass:

1. Kittens (Even the one walking in front of the computer screen every ten seconds.)
2. Froyd's blog. (Okay, Froyd himself is pretty cool too.)
3. Typewriters (I want one!)

Had a few weird-ass dreams last night/this morning. One was about this guy who was living in a mental hospital. He was obsessed with hands, but he always thought that parts of his hands were disappearing (they really weren't). One day this art teacher arrived at the hospital to work with some of the patients on some sort of art therapy, and this guy started obsessively drawing pictures of his hands to give to her. But each picture had something missing that he'd thought he'd remembered to put in, like no knuckles even though he thought he remembered putting them in. My dreams are sorta like movies sometimes. I wasn't personally in this one (tho I "experienced" the dream from the POV of both characters), but the characters were played by actors. The insane guy was "played" by that one puppeteer guy from Being John Malkovitch and the woman reminded me of Julia Roberts. Very weird.

Must go put things in my truck and drive back home. Wish I could take a kitten with me. Dumb dorms. Mom's pestering me to leave before the weather gets bad, so I'm gonna go. Bye.

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