Sunday, March 14, 2004

Wow... that's a lot of topics...

I like political debates on principle. Not that they're very interesting or anything (tho they can be if the issues are right). I just think it's cool to see a bunch of guys in suits and ties restraining their inclination to start a fist fight over tax reforms. Or maybe it's just my imagination.... anyway, here's the BBC article that brought this on. By the way... to me, the comments from Bush's representative make him sound like a snobbish ass. But that's just me.

Another slow day at the dorms. For better or for worse, my neighbors are back in town. So I can hear the distant strains of some godawful music. On the other hand, I think I might prefer this to the dead silence of last night. It's less isolated.

Got my nummy lemon-scented candle burning. Anything to get rid of the scent of the quasi-tomato sauce from the Spaghettios I had for lunch. I'm sure that Spaghettios are not meant to be edible. I mean, they can't be made out of real food. Can they?

Heh... so here's a question: how the hell did I manage to clip all my nails last night except for my right thumb? That's a little weird. Weirder still, I just noticed it now, 24 hours later. Where's those nail clippers?....

I shoulda taken a nap. I'm real sleepy right now. I shoulda also done some homework, but we all know how likely that is to happen. Geez... 9 AM class tomorrow. It's so weird to think about going back to classes now, after spending a week without them. It's like... starting the semester all over again or something. Yech.

I wish I could change my earrings. I've got little silver piercing studs in that are supposed to stay there for six weeks. I mean, I know I'll probably take them out about a week early, but still... that's more than a month. I bought some cute earrings over break and I wanna put them in! Waaah! Oh my God... girltalk... Must find an intelligent topic... fast!

Uh... music! I was listening to Placebo again today. Now I've got "Hang on to your IQ" on repeat in my brain. It's not a bad song, even though it IS sort of repetitive. All of their songs are very sexual in nature. It's odd that I like them, because I'm kind of a prude. Then again, it's also weird that I like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Exceptions to every rule, I guess.

Froyd metioned "Christ Crispies" on his blog today. I'm thinking that this would be an interesting marketing concept in the Bible Belt part of the country: religious cereals! Christ Crispies, Holy O's, Praisin' Bran... These would sell really well! Who's with me?

Wow. Tumbleweeds. I guess that was a pretty bad joke...I like Praisin' Bran, tho... The little flakes sing "Hallelujah!" when you pour milk over them... heh heh... I'm probably gonna have to go to confession for this one. Ten "Hail Mary's", at least... or... ya know... not.

I think I figured out why I was having such icky headaches while I was at home. It had nothing to do with caffiene. I just wasn't drinking enough water. While I'm here at school I pretty much always have a bottle of water with me, but at home I rarely drink water cuz I think it tastes sorta funny. So I think I was mildly dehydrated. So I've got my full liter bottle with me now and I'm feelin' good. It's weird... the water up here tastes sorta like... something. Chlorine? Sulfur? I can't tell. But I drink it anyway.

Um... so that was random. Now for some homework.

(By the way, I had the results from a political quiz I took up here earlier, but the graphic was too large for the page so I had to delete it. It said I was a liberal, but not a far-left liberal. Go figure. Bye.)

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