Monday, March 15, 2004

I wonder...

I wonder about a lot of things.

I wonder if we're going to have a writers' group meeting tonight. (I hope we are, just so that I don't have to sit in my room all night. Besides, I need to return Froyd's movie to him.)

I wonder if I'm going to get a nap this afternoon or not.

I wonder how I managed to get a B on my English Lit midterm and a B+ on my 19th Century Philosophy midterm when I thought I was going to miserably fail both of them.

I wonder who keeps calling me from a toll-free number when I'm not home.
I also wonder what they're trying to sell me.

I wonder why there are so many people out in the hallway today.

I wonder where all my housing application stuff is.

I wonder if I need to write a poem tonight for my poetry class.

Okay, enough wondering. I'm going to wander now. Away from my computer. Bye.

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