Monday, March 15, 2004

Just checkin' in.

We did indeed have a writers' group meeting tonight, and I have returned feeling revitalized, and with a neat idea for a story. Feels good. I love those guys.

Slight headache. More water. Possibly some ibuprofin, though I hate being dependent on drugs to relieve minor maladies. I've gotta do some writing tonight, and not of the science fiction variety, sadly. Intermediate writing. Five pages, at least. No biggie, right? I should a been working on it all week, but oh well. It's just a rough draft.

It's been a much better day than I'd been imagining. As I mentioned before, I did pretty well on the midterms I got back today. That alone left me feeling pretty much on top of the world. I had a nice converstion this morning, I took a two-hour nap this afternoon, and tonight's meeting was very entertaining. So all that's left is for me to fictionalize a portion of my life and turn it in tomorrow morning at 10 AM. (Is "fictionalize" a valid verb?) Only thing I probably shoulda done today that I didn't was call my parents. But that's okay. I spent a whole week at home. Surely my mom can bear to not hear from me for a couple days.

Time to make a cup of tea and eat gingersnaps and get to writing. Adieu.

And for the last time: Stop picking on the French!

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