Friday, March 12, 2004

Yay for cookies!

I made cookies today. Gingersnaps and chocolate chip cookies. I'm bringing a bunch back with me tomorrow. So...who wants some?

Can't wait to get back to Bemidji where I don't have to worry about my parents' financial difficulties. I have just enough money to buy my own groceries and such at school and my semester of college is already paid for, plus I've got bonds to cash in if I need them, so I'm not in any real personal financial trouble. It's just stressful to be at home. But now my dad's got a job, so he'll get paid next week and things will be better. Right?

I've had a low-grade headache all day today. Very irritating. Even caffiene didn't really help. I probably just need more sleep. When I'm here I sleep a lot. At school, I'm perfectly fine with about seven or eight hours a night, but when I'm at home I sleep for ten hours or more before I can even think about getting out of bed. It must be something in the air.

My dear sister Katie is gone tonight. She's out at a staff talent show at the high school. I think she's working there, like selling tickets with her friends or something. That's another surprising thing: Katie has so many more friends that I ever did in high school. She's always got people calling her on her cell phone or on the home phone and asking her if she wants to go and do stuff. Sometimes I wonder if I missed out on something. Probably not.

Gotta do my laundry tonight... I was gonna do that yesterday, but circumstances intervened. I'm leaving here around 10:00 tomorrow morning so I can avoid the snow, so I've gotta get stuff done before then. Therefore, I need to get away from the computer. Bye!

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