Thursday, March 11, 2004

Yeah, yeah, it's spring... can I go now?

I'm ready to be done with break now. I'm getting irritable and bored. There's only so many times I can mess around with the computer games (Little Fluffy Industries has a pretty decent list for those of you who can stand to sit in front of the computer for a while longer) and watch the same shows on TV before my patience wears down to a shining bit of gossamer. So I've been really bitchy this afternoon. On the up side, I found my class ring today. I haven't worn it in a while, but it sure is pretty. I think I'll bring it back to college with me.

I'm headed home Saturday. I dunno if anyone will be around, but at least I'll be back at my home with my TV and my computer and my bed and my clothes and my more or less uncluttered floor space. Hopefully, I'll get some cookies baked tomorrow so I can bring them back with me, too. I have a handful of stuff that I want to bring... cookies, the big floor pillow I bought, earrings, makeup, Kurt Vonnegut books, another Kerouac book or two, maybe other stuff too. We'll see what I find in my room here. It's such a mess that I can't even begin to clean it right now... it's just too much.

My dad's making dinner for us... hamburger hotdish. Yup, this is definitely small-town Minnesota. At least it's the kind I like, with canned tomatoes and mushrooms instead of some sort of cream soup. It'll be ready soon, so I think I'm gonna go.

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