Thursday, April 08, 2004

Funny how things change

Well... now I'm a little better, I think. Went to class feeling very depressed, talked to Erin for a while which made me feel somewhat better, walked home and met Davis on the way. There's one thing I really like about Davis, and it is this: even at my most morose, he makes me laugh. That right there helps a lot. Anyway... got home, checked my blog and found Froyd's comments on the last post, also very helpful. I guess I'm not in a GOOD mood... but at least things don't seem so bad anymore. And hey, I'm going home for Easter tomorrow afternoon. That oughta be fun. See my parents... see the kittens... free candy... Easter Mass (yes I like going to church on Easter... shaddup). And most importantly, a mental break from the stress of trying to produce meaningful work. That actually might be most of the problem: I had several weeks where it seemed like I could do no wrong in poetry class, and now it feels like I HAVE TO write something amazing and wonderful each time. I'm an overachiever at heart, hidden behind a layer of laziness that I believe was built in to protect me from burning out before the age of 25.

I'm gonna take a nap now. Lord knows I need it. Maybe later tonight I'll put up the poem I wrote for class this morning. With the editing I want to do to it, I think it's at least halfway decent.

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