Friday, April 09, 2004

Minor frustrations... blech.

Well, I'm home for Easter this weekend. And a good thing too, because my computer broke. Again. Same goddamn problem. So now I'm gonna take it to the people who get paid to fix this sort of thing. Only problem is, it'll be ME who's paying them. Sigh.

Plans for tomorrow include shopping (I recently came to the realization that I don't have much for warm-weather clothing), typing, maybe trying to fix my own computer if I can do some research on the internet, and sleeping. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

Had a fun night last night, dyeing Grubbs's hair back to it's natural brown so his parents don't freak. He says that when he comes back he's gonna go for orange hair next. That oughta be fun. Anyway, we had a little pizza party and watched South Park and Mad Mad House and part of the Crucible over in Erin's room. Very relaxing. Just what I needed.

Well, that's about all I need to update tonight. I'll write more tomorrow, hopefully. Adieu.

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