Saturday, April 10, 2004

Yes! I'm Awesome!

I just brought my computer back from the dead AGAIN! Ah... good feeling... and I didn't have to reinstall Windows, either.... Just do all this stuff. Let's hope it stays fixed this time... If not... well, at least I know what to do now. Smartass computer thinks it can get the best of me... feh...

Now, tho... I get an error message when starting up. So I think i'm gonna have to try and fix that little problem, too. At least the computer DOES start up. I might just take a break and deal with it later, tho... apparently my sister and I are dyeing Easter eggs tonight. I know... I'm almost 20... but dammit, it's fun. And Mom had to boil them anyway, to make deviled eggs tomorrow. So we might as well make em pretty.

Okay, that's all for now. More either tonight, or more likely tomorrow after I get back to the dorms. Bye!

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