Thursday, April 15, 2004

More notes from the SuperLab

I have come to the conclusion that a writing student without a computer of his/her own is in a state of perpetual purgatory. So much typing... so why am I wasting time on here, you ask? Because I need to whine. Tomorrow, though... tomorrow will be glorious. Dad's supposed to come by with my old computer after I'm done with classes. I'm a little sad that it'll have Windows 98 as opposed to XP, but only because XP is prettier. Later this summer, I'll probably try to get my broke computer fixed, once I have a job and money to spare for such things.

After classes today, Kvale and I went to talk to this philosophy prof from Moorhead who is reviewing the philosophy department here at BSU. Got free pizza and pop out of the deal. As for the guy... he seemed interesting, asked good questions and all that, but there's something mighty intimidating about trying to explain to someone else what you plan on doing with your degree when you really don't have a fuckin clue yourself. But then, I'm easily intimidated.

Okay... here's another thing. I'm having the hardest time remembering this word... when you're not doing a very good job of saying what you mean, you're not being very ________. Can anyone fill in the blank? I know there's a good, intelligent-sounding word for such a phenomenon. Erin? Froyd? Anyone?

I know... I know... back to homework. Geez... school is such a harsh taskmaster. That's all for now, I guess. If I finish with my work any time soon, I'll be back. Promise.

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