Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My bed is calling me, but I'm not picking up the phone

My god it's early.... 8 AM? Is ANYONE else up at this hour? And if so... for the love of Pete, WHY? It's cold and wet out, just the way I usually like it. I sense rain on the horizion, and this makes me happy. But if it's gonna be this cold today... I need a coat.

Plan of action: Wander over to Memorial Hall in about fifteen minutes and see if I can get a seat at the keynote presentation. After that.... Food? Maybe decide which student presentations I'm going to go to/if I'm going to student presentations at all? Curl up in bed again for a few hours (I'm going to injure whoever kept their music going until well past 3 AM last night)? We'll see how I feel after I've been up for a couple hours. My attitude should improve dramatically by 10:00. And my eyes should hurt less.

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