Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Still gloomy and lazy, but less sleepy

There are about a million productive things I could be doing right now. So what am I ACTUALLY occuping myself with? Crab Volleyball. Thank you, Little Fluffy Industries!

I ostensibly participated in Student Achievement Day. Went to see the keynote speaker, went to see Kamran's presentation. Then I had lunch, sat around in the Union for a while, came home, curled up in bed, and slept for about two and a half hours. I was sorta hoping that a nap would make me feel less gloomy. It didn't, but at least now I'm less tired. Had a dream which would probably be imprudent to expand on at this time. I became lucid just briefly. That seems to happen a lot to me. Now if only I could hold on to that moment for more than a second.

It appears to be misting slightly outside. I finally got the rain I was hoping for today. It is also quite chilly out. No matter, I've still got the window cracked open. Better cold but fresh air than warm, stale dorm air. I oughta go out and take a walk or something. Again.

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