Friday, April 02, 2004

Not half bad

So the night turned out okay. I went down to Nate's room around 7:30 and watched Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? with him and Erin. And them we watched more TV. And watched Nate play his Team Fortress something-or-other game with much pixelated bloodspray. Good evening diversion.

I'm sleepy now. And hungry. And a little bit headachy. I'll be up for a while tonight I think... sleep till noon tomorrow, which is fine with me. Nothing in particular to be awake for (except I should probably go buy a couple things at Walmart, like bread). I realized while reading through some old entries that I need to get another five or six pages done for Intermediate Writing, so that'll take some time. I need to retype the first six pages, too. Note to self: get a disk to back up all my writing.

I want a baked potato now. But I have no potatoes. Very sad. Time for munchies. Bye.

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