Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Silly grumpy girl

This day gets are resounding "Eh." I woke up grumpy as all hell, didn't get better when I went to class and had to listen to people talk about war and terrorism and anti-violence and Iraq and Afghanistan and... grrr. I wish someone would just END this war already! Anyway... hung out in the union between classes, wandered up to the library for about 15 minutes to type my poem, went to poetry class feeling crappy, left feeling just as crappy... really, the day didn't get any better till I went to the Union and found Simon and Jesse and Froyd and other people and had lunch. Talking with them about things other than my silly emotional shit helped a lot. After that... talked to my advisor about registration (tomorrow, yay!) and walked home. So... shrug, sigh, it's all okay for now.

I'm worried about Erin, tho. I told Simon that we should go get Froyd and have the three of us kick her boyfriend's ass (or as Froyd says, "Rough 'im up"). I don't really know what he did this time, but it musta been a doozy.

I'm really tired now. Didn't sleep much last night, I guess. It seems that I have a remarkable capacity for making myself miserable sometimes. I can sleep in tomorrow, cuz I have to register tomorrow morning at 10, which means I'm just gonna skip my first class so I can do it right away. Heh, skipping ethics... somehow, that just seems wrong.

Plans for the night include homework, TV, and declaring a philosophy minor. Yay! And possibly more blogging, cuz that's what I seem to do when I have to spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Anyway... bye.

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