Friday, May 14, 2004

Breakfast break time

I've been up since 8, and actively packing stuff since 9. Dad was supposed to be here by then... but I haven't heard from him. I figure if he doesn't show up in the next ten minutes, I'm gonna call home and ask what time he actually left. Love my dad, but he's ALWAYS late. Thank God I didn't pick up the habit.

Oddly enough, packing is going pretty easily. But I need more boxes. Dad's supposed to be bringing me some. Yay!

Anyway, since I got up early and everything, I decided I should have breakfast. Unfortunately, the only breakfast food I've got available is a Capri Sun juice pouch and one of those milk and cereal bars, Cocoa Puffs flavor. Damn things taste like stale rice crispie bars. Oh well... I'll probably get a real meal of some sort later today.

Okay, back to finishing my breakfast. Then... more packing. Joy of joys. Bye.

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