Friday, May 14, 2004

Yo ho ho!

Yes, I went to commencement. No, I didn't stay for the ENTIRE thing (I was up in the balcony, where it was standing room only. My feet hurt now. And there's that whole packing thing...) I did stay long enough to see Froyd graduate, tho... heh heh heh... "Bluebeard"... That's awesome.

Dad came to help me load up the parents' SUV today. More than half of the stuff I had in my room is now gone. Including my DVD player (which I also use as a CD player) and my speakers. The TV's still here, tho. My keyboard is packed away. Most of my clothes are gone. My fridge is defrosting. I've still got to move the second bed back in, finish packing everything that's not in boxes, and dust and clean everything. Joy of joys. Maybe I'll make a little time tonight to take a walk. That'd be nice. Get outside and enjoy the lakeshore one more time. Plus the weather's much better now, sunny and a little warmer. Yeah... a walk would be good.

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