Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Congrats for the sister!

[Listening to: The Doors, "People Are Strange"]

Katie won Fine Arts Student of the Year. Everyone cheer for her! Yay!

I'm missing going to Perkins at midnight. Even though it's only 9:40. Erin's looking for a job. I better start doing so, too, before I go stir-crazy.

Mom's watching The Bachelor. Yech. Apparently, Mr. Bachelor has a choice between two cute little blonde chicks. Might as well flip a fucking coin.

I'm only about 20 pages into The Subterraneans. Then again... it's only 100 pages long. More reading tonight. I don't think I'm real fond of this book, but I'm gonna finish it anyway. I guess the whole "romantic relationship angst" stuff never really appealed to me in semi-fictional form. I hear enough of that stuff in real life that I don't need it in my recreational reading. See, I don't make a good girl. Give me a gory murder book any day. Or non-fiction scientific mumbo-jumbo. I like that stuff. But I will persevere.

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