Thursday, May 13, 2004

God, this packing stuff is dangerous...

I've already managed to get injured. I managed to get a nice deep papercut on my thumb and bled all over the backs of the posters I was rolling up. It stings.

My dad's gonna be here tomorrow at about 9 AM to help me get everything packed up and loaded into my truck and Mom's SUV (yes I know... not environmentally sound... Hey, I didn't buy either of the vehicles, so there). Then I'm going to commencement at 2, finish packing afterwards, and get out of here on Saturday morning.

What I'm gonna do when I get home, I'm not so sure... my parents plan on celebrating my birthday a week late on Sunday with family peoples. With cake. Oh, yeah. And next weekend, the parents are gonna be out of town, leaving the house in the capable hands of my sister and I. And probably a bunch of my sister's friends, if she can put together a party on such short notice. I'm sure she won't have any trouble.

The only other thing I really plan on doing this summer is looking for a job. I want to save up enough money so that I can afford to stay up here next summer and take a couple extra classes. And not have to go through this moving home for more than three months thing again.

I swear I'm gonna have to bring less stuff with me next year. Just the necessities. Like... books. They're important. Right?

Okay, I think that's all I've got to say for now. Back to boxes and packing. Whee. Bye.

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