Friday, May 28, 2004

Magnetic Poetry time!

[Listening to: "Ode To Joy" is playing in my head...]

More Karamazov. Good book. When I'm done it's going on my list of favorites.

Today is better than yesterday, if only by virtue of being only half over. The computer room is hot. I should open a window or something. Humid, too. It's nice outside. Overcast, maybe, but still bright and 70 degrees. Now we're just waiting for the storms to roll in tonight.

Mom moved my mini-fridge into the computer room, and Katie's filled it with soda pop now. And we've started playing with the magnetic poetry again. Mine is:

Symphony in a drunk dream
The goddess is delirious in need
She crys cool rain
Skin milk white and shining
Gorgeous vision of the moon

Katie's goes like this:

Void butt hair
Can you heave swimming blood eggs
Like wax smooth tongues
He was mostly girl
Beneath the dress

I think she's got problems, myself.

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