Saturday, May 08, 2004

O what a beautiful morning...

Hey there, y'all. It's another Saturday. I'm in a good mood. The weather is absolutely gorgeous right now and I've got all day to pretty much do whatever I want. I should take a walk. Matter of fact... this is gonna be a good weekend. Froyd's having a party tonight, I'm turning 20 tomorrow... life is good.

Wow I'm optomistic this morning... wonder what brought that on. Not the dreams I was having last night, that's for sure. I had a dream that I had died, but then a few years later someone brought me back to life and I was terrified that I was going to die again, because apparently if I did I was going to Hell. Freaky-weird. Then I had another dream that there was this group of children who were developing all sorts of psychic/telekinetic powers and the parents were all trying to exploit their abilities and I think I was leading some sort of support group for the families.

It's amazing what my brain gets up to when I'm not around to watch it.

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