Monday, May 17, 2004

The third day of exile...

And yes, I'm going to be keeping track.

I discovered today that one of my cats has learned to "bark" at the birds outside our window. I think he picked it up from the dog. I'm concerned for his mental health. But it's cute to watch.

Speaking of birds... we've got a breeding pair of scarlet tanagers in our yard. Beautiful bright-red and black male, and a green-yellow female. They look like this. Very rare for this area.

Today... I did very little. I stayed up reading this book my sister wanted me to read called Boy Meets Girl. It's by the same woman who wrote The Princess Diaries. Usually, I avoid those sorts of romance-y, femmy books like the fucking plague, but this one was okay. It's not written like a usual book; the story is told by way of e-mails, letters, and instant messages between different characters, and some journal entries from the main character. I didn't really read the entire thing, just skimmed through some of the parts. But it ended up being a pretty good story. Probably only good reading material for us female types, tho.

Anyway, the only thing I did today was finish unloading all my stuff from my truck. With Mom's help, of course. Now comes the arduous task of sorting through and deciding where to store everything so that we can have space for my sister's high school graduation party in June. That'll take some effort. I dunno where everything's gonna go... not enough room in my bedroom for it, that's for sure. I need to clean.

That's about all for now. I'm trying to get Katie to start a blog up now... or rather, start updating her blog again (she hasn't since last summer). If she does, I'll put up a link.

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