Friday, June 25, 2004

Hey there kids!

It's a new day. I wanted to blog a bit last night before I went to bed, but our internet was acting screwy here and wouldn't let me connect. Today it seems to be working just fine.

Katie and I are gonna go see Fahrenheit 9/11 this afternoon. She's a big Michael Moore fan. I'm a bit less obsessive, but I liked Bowling for Columbine and Roger and Me, so I wanna see the new one, too.

My scarf is getting close to being done. It's taking a long time. Anyway, I was really excited to find out that Bemidji Woolen Mills not only sells good wool yarn, but it's two dollars cheaper there than it is anywhere down here. So when I get back... heh heh heh... more yarn. Yay!

I've been having a lot of crazy, half remembered dreams for the past couple of nights. A couple days ago I had a dream that this kid killed his parents and a police officer right in front of me, and he was going to try and kill me next, so I grabbed the police officer's gun and shot him. Very very disturbing dream for an anti-violence person to have.

Time for me to get back to checking other peoples' blogs, and my e-mail...

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