Tuesday, June 08, 2004

More storms rolling in

I'm seeing lightning off to the west again tonight. Looks like there's some storms rolling in again. We had a gust front last night that hit about 85 or 90 miles per hour. Kinda scary. I hope that tonight I actually get some sleep.

It's flashing electric white and blue and purple, pretty in a foreboding sort of way. There's still tons of branches and leaves and twigs down in our yard from the wind last night. I'm a little sick of the storms every night. Hopefully, it'll stop soon.

Katie and I made dinner tonight: barbecued pulled pork for sandwiches (and barbecue veggie burger crumbles for Katie), cole slaw, and cottage fries. Yum. And mint-chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. Easy cooking like that can be a lot of fun. Usually I'd rather leave the cooking to people who know what they're doing (everyone in the house except me), but I do go into the kitchen and make something on occasion. I have yet to make fajitas, but that's on the list as something to do soon.

I might end up going to Chicago for a few days this August when Katie has to go for her college orientation. I dunno anything about how we'd get down there or back; probably we'd fly. I'm not sure whether I'm actually going or whether I'm gonna be the one left at home to take care of the animals while everyone else goes. We'll see.

Thunder's getting closer. The air is full of energy. Here comes the rain...

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