Sunday, June 13, 2004

Sounds like a shopping day tomorrow

More like an errands-running day, actually. Bank, post office, craft store (for Katie), bookstore (for both of us), and I think I might get a free lunch out of the deal, courtesy of Katie and her love for Panera Bread. If only I had that kind of money... sigh...

I've been pretty much useless all day. I was so exhausted from yesterday that I didn't want to move. So I spent lotsa time sleeping and watching TV and feeling guilty for not doing anything. 'S okay tho. Things do have a tendency to get done with or without my help. I'm feeling sorta better, except for these coughing fits. For a while last night I completely lost my voice. I'm not much of a conversationalist, but when family's around I try and talk with them at least a little, so my throat was worn out by the end of the party.

I feel a little like a child, like I need someone else to engage my interest and keep me busy instead of being able to find things to do on my own. I'm almost helpless without someone giving me directions. But at the same time I don't want to follow anyone's orders. It's like being two years old again. I swear that every time I go back home I revert to childhood, and that goes double for when I'm sick. I'm perfectly capable of caring for myself, and I just have to remember that.

I'm still really tired. I had a dream about being back at college again last night. It was sort of odd. I'd lost my purse or something and I was searching the whole campus to find it, and everyone I ran in to that I knew was having problems too and I couldn't help them. In part of the dream I was looking for my purse in a machine shop sort of room that I remember vaguely from New Mexico Tech. I was only in that room once, and that was just before I left, because I had to go around and get signatures from a bunch of people saying that I didn't still have any equipment or anything that belonged to the school. Anyway, sort of odd.

I'm not making sense in my head anymore, so I think I'll go now. I'll be back to semi-normal once the cold meds wear off, I swear!

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